Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The blessings that accompany prayer kingdom advancement prayers. By Bishop David Oyedepo When light breaks forth, things starts turning around. Ephesians 6:8 To get at God, you must remember others in your prayers. Any pastor that must succeed must be lost in praying for the sheep. Praying for others, is a kingdom strategy. Job 42:10 Psalm 119:111 Hebrew 6:12 Obey hidden instructions of scriptures. Nothing of value is free. Fasting season is primarily ordained for empowerment. Isaiah 60:1-3 Watchout for an outbreak of light. Your word cannot come and you won't know. Galatians 5:25 Revaletion 1:10 You have to be in the spirit to hear from heaven. Kingdom advancement includes praying for - Supernatural church growth. - Matt 16:18 - Jesus is committed to the advancement of his church, the gates of hell not withstanding. The church will keep advancement, the gate of hell looking helpless. 1Corinthians 3:8-9 Jesus is committed to keeping his church on the move. There is no growing church that is not a praying church. Acts 6:2-7 It takes continuous prayer to experience continuous growth. Luke 11:13 It takes prayers to invoke convictions and conversions. Matt 26:53 Angels the reapers only answers to prayers. Acts 4:31 The holy ghost only responds to prayers. Isaiah 66:7-8 Prayer is the labour room of church growth. When the church stops praying, it starts dying. 1 Coriyhians 16:9, 3:9 Anyone that stops praying starts dying. When prayer is not there, their is decadence. It is prayer that empowers strategies to deliver. Kingdom advancement prayer is praying for the needs of others to be met. Galatians 6:2 Blessings that acrue in return includes: 1. Fresh anointing. Isaiah 42:1-4 God anoints freshly those that serve God's interest. Psalm 55:17 Palam 89:20 Psalm 92:10-15 Fresh anointing messes your adversary. Fresh anointing makes you more than a conquoror. "No dry season is permitted around my life in 2017" 2. Divine exemption Malachi 3:17-18 Luke 2:37 "This is my year of noiseless breakthroughs." Psalm 23:5 2 chronicles 15:12 Exodus 9:7 Exodus 10:21-23 Darkness that could be felt in Egypt but light in Goshen - the dwelling place of the children of God. You are not empowers for status, you are empowers for service. Glory to God.


I want to use this opportunity to appreciate God for keeping everyone that has taken time out to visit this blog this year. We appreciate yo...


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